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  • Loading system: Electric The magnetic loading system in an exercise bike of this type will be carried out by two magnets, a load regulator and a steel flywheel. As the load level increases, the magnetic field attracts the flywheel more strongly, creating additional resistance when pedaling. These types of cardio equipment are equipped with manual controls. You can adjust the load using a special handle. The magnets move to the side when the regulator is turned, due to which the flywheel is attracted more strongly and the movement of its wheel slows down. The athlete will have to put in more effort to pedal, so the workout becomes more intense. Models of exercise bikes with a magnetic loading system are mobility. Due to the absence of electrical elements, there is no need to connect to the network, which means you don’t have to look for a place near an outlet. This is a huge plus for using the exercise machine at home. Additionally, to make them more compact, such models are foldable; after training, they can be easily stored in a closet, on a balcony or in a closet. Wide price range. Among the magnetic models there are inexpensive ones that are suitable for home use, without requiring you to shell out a significant amount of money for classes. Operation and durability. The minimum number of parts means less likelihood of an early breakdown. Such exercise machines have only a few elements that rarely break, so magnetic exercise bikes can be used for a very long time without the need for repair. Quiet. The magnetic field that attracts the flywheel does not create extraneous noise, so you can exercise in the common room or while the child is sleeping. Magnetic loading systems are the best option for home training on an exercise bike. The mechanical loading system of an elliptical trainer is the simplest type of design that allows create resistance when exercising on the simulator. Resistance is necessary to set the level of physical activity to improve the effectiveness of training. There are two types of mechanical loading systems - belt; block. In the first type of exercise bike, resistance will be created in the design by tensioning the belt around the flywheel. By increasing or decreasing the belt tension, the flywheel will be clamped stronger or weaker, which will regulate the load. This is the simplest type of exercise machine that can be bought inexpensively. It is suitable for home workouts 3-4 times a week to lose some weight or keep your body in shape. Among the advantages that are worth noting are low cost; does not require a network connection; inexpensive repairs. There are also disadvantages that should be taken into account when choosing models with a mechanical loading system are noisy; under intense loads, the belt wears out quickly; it is not possible to set a certain load level; using the handle, you can increase or decrease the load, but you won’t be able to achieve professional accuracy; the mini-computer has a minimal set of information. In the block type, the design consists of a flywheel and special blocks. When the regulator rotates, the pads clamp the flywheel and create a load. Such exercise bikes have relatively more advantages - they imitate cycling well; they do not need to be connected to an electrical outlet; they allow you to ride while standing; they are reliable, rarely break; they are easy to operate. The disadvantages are similar to those of belt ones, but the price of such models will be slightly higher. Suitable for home training - their adjustment is more precise, but you will have to stop to increase or decrease the load. Electric or electromagnetic, induction - the most advanced type of loading system. Such models belong to the middle and high price segment. They eliminate the disadvantages of magnetic and mechanical systems, ensuring maximum training efficiency, good service life and show many other advantages. The load is created due to the electromagnetic field that is formed when current is supplied to the coil. The electromagnetic field attracts the flywheel, due to which resistance is created during movement. Among the advantages of such models is a computer. They are equipped with various types of computers that help the athlete get a lot of information about the condition of the body. This includes mileage, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure and much more. Screens. Most models are equipped with monitors of various types. They allow you to listen to music during classes, watch movies, email, listen to audiobooks and much more. Low noise level. Due to the attraction of the flywheel by the electromagnetic field, no extraneous noise is created, so you can practice even in the room where the child is sleeping. Simple and precise adjustment. Control occurs automatically by pressing a computer button. You don't have to stop or slow down to do this. Variety of activities. There are built-in programs that allow you to make training interesting - alternating simulated driving around the city or rough terrain, uphill or downhill. Automatic programs can set the intensity for effective burning of fat mass or building muscle. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting the cost of these models, as well as expensive repairs in case of failure. Otherwise, advanced models meet the professional requirements of athletes. Can be used both for effective home training and for sports or for commercial purposes in gyms.
  • Dimensions of the running belt, see: 43 x 135
  • Motor power, hp .: 1.5 HP
  • Max. user weight, kg: 110 kg
  • Speed of movement of the treadmill belt: 0.80 - 16
  • Inclination angle adjustment: manual (stepwise)
  • Pulse measurement: yes ( built-in sensor), cardiac sensor on the handle
  • Number of programs, pcs.: 18
  • Possibility of training programming: yes
  • Program specification: constant heart rate program, timed training, distance training
  • Indications: current speed, energy consumption, distance traveled
  • Cushioning system: yes
  • Folding: yes
  • Size in working condition (L*W*H), cm: 95x71x152
  • Transport rollers: yes
  • Weight, kg: 53 kg

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